Eye Make Up Tips – Keep Your Eyes Safe

Eye cosmetics are known to be made for the purpose of enhancing your appearance. If you indulge in the improper use of eye cosmetics, it could end up causing for serious damage to your cornea, or eye infections, damage to your contact lenses or bring about allergies.

Here are some eye make up tips and truths that can ensure the safety of your eyes. Keep these in mind.

– Most of the newer eye companies will produce cosmetics that are free from bacteria that could cause for eye infections.
– Most of them will contain preservatives that will work against the possible growth of any sort of bacteria.
– If make up is misused or improperly preserved, it could cause for infections of the eyes.
– Bacteria are known to grow faster in a product and they might enter the eye via the product. If the brush of your eye shadow, for instance, ends up scratching the cornea, the bacteria that were residing on the brush might end up entering the scratch.

Eye Make up Tips – Apply Cosmetics Safely:

– Ensure that you wash your hands before you get down to applying any sort o make up; or you might risk transferring some bacteria from your hands to your eyes.
– The best trick would be to use applicators that are disposable. Ensure that all of your balance applicators are stored properly. Under no circumstances must you reuse an old applicator.
– Extreme heat and cold could end up breaking down the preservatives in your eye make up. So protect it from such environments. Do not leave make up in your car.
– Unlike what people have told you, you might want to ditch the preservative-free make up, because this could be a playground for all sorts of bacteria.
– Moisture is a thriving ground for bacteria. For this exact reason, ensure that you do not moisten any of your cosmetics using saliva or water.
– Do not share make up.
– Always get your make up off before you hit bed.

Eye Make up Tips for Contact Lens Users:

If you wear contact lenses, you will have to take extra care when it comes to wearing and removing eye make up. Improper usage of cosmetics might cause for dryness, scratches, injuries, eye irritations and infections.

Keep these tips in mind, if you are a contact lens user:

– Hair sprays or deodorants should be used before the application of contact lenses.
– Insert your lenses before you begin applying your make up, and get them off before you begin the process of removing your make up.
– Only use water-soluble cosmetics that will not cause problems for your lenses.
– If you use an oily remover for your eye make up, it might end up causing for a cloudy buildup right over your lenses.
– Use eye shadows that are in the pressed powder form. The frosted or the glittery forms are known to contain particles which could be harmful if they enter your eyes.
– Use a base for your eye shadow, since that would help your shadow stay in place and keep it out of your eyes.
– Completely avoid the use of waterproof mascara or any eye cosmetic products that contain rayon or nylon, since these could flake off and cause for corneal scratches if they get caught right under the contact lenses.

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